Shared User warehouse facility

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Shared User warehouse facility with one of Webwarehouse’s members 

Commercial warehouses work on two formats,

Sole occupancy or shared user warehouses, shared user being the most common with payment options of pay as you go, pay per pallet or square foot. WebWarehouse have multiple shared user warehouses throughout the country with the various payment options, so if you’re looking for storage for 20 pallets or 2000 we have the space you need






Storage of Abnormal or oversized goods

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Abnormal or oversized goods?

Do you have a request that seems abnormal or out of the ordinary?

WebWarehouse are happy to deal with any and all unusual requests as we have a range of warehouse types to suit the needs of all our customers, when we were contacted by Weatherite Manufacturing with the request to find them large storage space for some oversized generator rooms we immediately contacted our members, we managed to find them 24/7 guarded outside storage that they used for 6 months.

So if you have an unusual requirement that you think we may not be able to meet, simply contact us with your request and we guarantee we will find you warehouse space to suit your needs.

Webwarehouse stored these oversized machines in a secure location in Bicester Oxfordshire.

Webwarehouse stored these oversized machines in a secure location in Bicester Oxfordshire.

Oversized machines for secure outside storage with Webwarehouse

Oversized machines for secure outside storage with Webwarehouse



Verran Freight are warehouseing and distribution experts founded in 1989 in Oxfordshire join Webwarehouse

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Verran Freight are warehouseing and distribution experts founded in 1989 in Oxfordshire, they have more than 35 commercial vehicles for the distribution of their clients goods and over 175,000 square feet of warehouse storage space, they also offer additional services such as accountancy and banking, customs clearance and international import and export, they are one of the largest logistics companies in the Thames Valley area, but even with their enviable reputation Verran Freight needed a little help in filling their warehouses and adding to their customer base.

This is where WebWarehouse come in, as a member Verran Freight could go back to operating their warehouses and finding the best possible solution to their client’s needs, while WebWarehouse generate the leads to fill their available storage space.

A membership with WebWarehouser is completely hassle free, Verran Freight simply pays a weekly fee and within days of joining we send them leads for their warehouses as we generate them. There are hundreds of searches on Google every day for storage in the Thames Valley area, Verran Freight no longer need to worry about trying to gather these new clients as we do it all for them, they can focus on delivering the highest standard of expertise and customer service to the clients we bring in.

Verran Freight warehousing and distribution in Oxford

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Phil Absolom from Verran Freight warehousing and distribution contacted us at WebWarehouse looking to become a member, during discussions he told us about the online directory companies he had previously worked with, saying that his reason for wanting to join WebWarehouse was that most other companies would take a percentage of the revenue gained from a new client, whereas with WebWarehouse you simply pay a weekly fee to advertise and gain from our lead generation.

Verran Freight have over 175,000 square foot of warehousing and distribution storage facilities, that now they are a member WebWarehouse will aid in filling for the small weekly charge that is backed by our 100% money back guarantee, so if you like Verran Freight believe your current lead generation company is charging you extortionate prices call or email us for a quick quote and be on your way to profiting from our unique lead generation methods.



WebWarehouse became a victim of their own success!

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WebWarehouse was founded in 2006 when their former courier business had tried to rent storage space for one of their customers, they found a distinct lack of information and sales process within the industry, so decided to fill the need themselves by buying their own warehouses around the country and creating a website that would allow customers to easily find warehouse space in their desired area.

Web Warehouse’s customers were so glad to finally have a company who not only cared about operating their warehouses, but making the time to assess their client’s needs, informing them on the best warehousing available at the best price and answering any queries they have. As WebWarehouse were originally based in a more customer centred profession their key interest is in complete customer satisfaction, not just filling their warehouses as quick as possible without any interest in customer service.

WebWarehouse Unit 22 Sign

Unfortunately WebWarehouse became a victim of their own success, due to their ability to generate leads so efficiently they soon filled all of their current warehouse space yet still had customers that needed more, WebWarehouse simply did not have enough space to meet the demands of their clients. WebWarehouse obviously didn’t want to have to send these clients elsewhere, especially after the poor response they received when looking for warehouse space themselves.

WebWarehouse realised that the main issue with other commercial storage companies was not that they didn’t have space; it was that they had no sales teams selling the space; WebWarehouse had plenty of experience in sales and customer service. They decided to offer these companies their services as the sales team they currently lacked, storage companies could become a member of WebWarehouse and would then be able to go back to operating their warehouses whilst WebWarehouse supplied them with the leads to fill them.

This setup has since proved highly successful for all involved, WebWarehouse did not have to turn away clients, warehouse operative could focus on running their warehouses and customers have their warehousing needs met in an easy and efficient manner.


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This easy-to-use Leader’s Guide is provided to assist in conducting a successful presentation. Featured are: INTRODUCTION: A brief description of the program and the subject that it addresses.


Wooden pallets are very useful in material handling because they allow us to stack and move materials safely and quickly. They are used in almost all industrial and warehouse environments. Although we tend to forget about the hazards associated with pallets, each year many people suffer injuries from mishandling and misusing them.

This program reviews the basic safety rules and proper work methods needed to work safely with wooden pallets.


  • Pallets come in different sizes and are constructed in various ways.
  • Each size and construction has different weight and load ranges and must be used according to your company’s specifications.
  • The size and loading of a pallet can affect the forklift or other material handling equipment.
  • As the load center of a pallet increases, the lifting capacity of the forklift decreases.


    • Before using a pallet, make sure it can be safely stored in a rack with a heavy load. It should be constructed of hardwood and be in good condition.

    • Top and bottom boards should be in place and should not be cracked or have pieces missing.
    • Stringers should be in good repair; if they are damaged, they should be properly repaired with plugs or mending tape.
      • There must be no protruding nails or slivers of wood on the pallet.
      • If it is determined that a pallet is unsafe, it should be taken out of service until it can be repaired.


      • Always wear gloves when handling wooden pallets.
      • Because they are heavy and awkward to carry, move a pallet by standing on its edge and sliding it.
      • Don’t throw pallets because you can injure yourself and damage the pallet.
      • Don’t store pallets on their edges or ends. Pallets stored on edges tend to fall and cause injuries.



  • Walk around pallets and not on them; many falls occur while attempting to walk on a pallet.
  • Separate pallets into stacks of usable pallets and those that need service. Don’t mix unsafe pallets with those ready for use.
    • Don’t manually stack pallets more than 7 or 8 high; use forklifts to make stacks higher.
    • To properly stack pallets, slide the pallet to one side of the stack. Using proper lifting motion, slide the pallet up the side of the stack and onto the top.


      • Because pallets are used on a daily basis, material handlers often don’t think about pallet safety.
      • Take the time to think about a large load lifted 20 feet in the air. Will the pallet be sturdy enough to hold it?
      • It takes an effort on everyone’s part to make pallet safety a part of the everyday operation.



Verran Freight join WebWarehouse to increase there lead generation methods.

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Verran Freight are a warehousing and distribution company that have been around for over two decades, so they’ve dealt with their fair share of lead generation companies, but when they contacted WebWarehouse to enquire about a membership they were ‘pleasantly surprised’, they have over 175,000 square feet of warehouse space they wanted us to help fill.

WebWarehouse are a rather unique company in the sense that when you become a member we not only add you to our directory but to ones such as yell, which many people are unaware is actually free. Another unique aspect of our company is that we not only generate your company leads, we help you generate them yourselves, as experts in customer service and advertising we help you improve your current methods of warehouse and storage lead generation.

Verran Freight only joined us at WebWarehouse recently but have already started receiving leads and are on their way to filling their vacant storage space.

Approved Webwarehouse member receiving storage and warehouse leads.

Approved Webwarehouse member receiving storage and warehouse leads.

Trucks pic


Warehouse Space for a movie in Bicester, Oxfordshire

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WebWarehouse don’t always just find warehouse space for things such as pallets, crates etc. sometimes we receive more outlandish requests, just like when we were contacted by the Dutch production company Dynamic Entertainment DEH and asked to provide them with warehouse space in which to shoot some scenes for their film, The butterfly tattoo.

Dynamic Entertainment needed a large warehouse in or around Bicester, Oxfordshire but due to the nature of the scenes they would be shooting it had to be somewhere away from residential areas so as not to disturb the residents with the noise, they also required the warehouse to be especially clean so as not to ruin any costumes or set pieces. WebWarehouse managed to find them a warehouse in Bicester that met their requirements for size and cleanliness in an area that their noise level wouldn’t disturb any residents.

So if you have a request that you think might be a little out of the ordinary just let us know and we would be happy to accommodate your needs.

TBT required warehouse space for a film shoot.

TBT required warehouse space for a film shoot.



Volkswagen ask WebWarehouse for short term space

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Volkswagen training department in Milton Keynes contacted WebWarehouse recently requesting use of one of their warehouses to hold a training seminar for some of their staff, the warehouse had to be a relatively large open space, clean and they only needed it on a very short term licence. On receiving the request WebWarehouse immediately contacted some of their commercial landlord members to find Volkswagen the space they needed, they soon managed to find them an empty shared user space in which to hold the event that could be paid for on a rolling weekly contract, Volkswagen therefore didn’t have to worry about overspending as they could pay for the space only as they needed it.

With WebWarehouse you specify what type of space you need and exactly how long you need it for, in most cases you can even specify how you wish to pay for your space, whether it be on a weekly, monthly or yearly contract, that way you won’t end up paying for space that your no longer using.

Could the famous Cardington Hangers be the largest shared storage & warehousing environment in the UK?

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Cardington hangars were constructed in 1915 by the Short Brothers who bought land there to build airships for the Admiralty. They are probably most famous for the R101 crash on the 5th October 1930.

The hangers have served many purposes since, but in 1999 hanger 1 was put on the buildings at risk register as the grade two listed building had fallen into a state of long-term disrepair. Hanger 2 has been leased out to a film company and is enjoying a second life as a “sound stage” producing films like Batman and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

Fosbern Hangars Ltd were interested in buying land in the surrounding area of the hangers, they acquired an option from the ministry to buy the 70-acre site and have submitted a plan to Bedford Borough Council for a mixed residential, commercial and community development providing 3,000 new homes.

They are experts in property development having built more than 100,000 homes since they formed, but when they purchased hanger 1 knowing they wished to turn it into commercial warehouse space they contacted WebWarehouse, we have had discussions with them, aiding and advising them on how to convert the hanger to make it available for commercial use. Bellway have recently invested millions in a roof renovation, once restorations are complete Fosbern Hangars Ltd can start profiting from our lead generation for their new shared warehouse space.


Webwarehouse and cardington hangers

Europe’s largest self standing warehouse. Cardington hangers.