Could the famous Cardington Hangers be the largest shared storage & warehousing environment in the UK?

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Cardington hangars were constructed in 1915 by the Short Brothers who bought land there to build airships for the Admiralty. They are probably most famous for the R101 crash on the 5th October 1930.

The hangers have served many purposes since, but in 1999 hanger 1 was put on the buildings at risk register as the grade two listed building had fallen into a state of long-term disrepair. Hanger 2 has been leased out to a film company and is enjoying a second life as a “sound stage” producing films like Batman and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

Fosbern Hangars Ltd were interested in buying land in the surrounding area of the hangers, they acquired an option from the ministry to buy the 70-acre site and have submitted a plan to Bedford Borough Council for a mixed residential, commercial and community development providing 3,000 new homes.

They are experts in property development having built more than 100,000 homes since they formed, but when they purchased hanger 1 knowing they wished to turn it into commercial warehouse space they contacted WebWarehouse, we have had discussions with them, aiding and advising them on how to convert the hanger to make it available for commercial use. Bellway have recently invested millions in a roof renovation, once restorations are complete Fosbern Hangars Ltd can start profiting from our lead generation for their new shared warehouse space.


Webwarehouse and cardington hangers

Europe’s largest self standing warehouse. Cardington hangers.


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