Need Extra Storage Space?

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Need extra storage space, but without the burden of a long-term lease? Do you want short-term commercial storage, but without paying a premium for the privilege? Do you have varying levels of fast-moving stock, than mean you cannot commit to an inflexible deal? Then the WebWarehouse Directory is the website for you.

The WebWarehouse Directory is the of commercial storage. Thousands of businesses with industrial storage space to let are stored in our unique database, helping you make the best choice for a warehouse space that suits the needs of your business. Whether it be just one or two pallets or 100,000 sq. ft. of commercial warehousing, for just a few months or for several years, the WebWarehouse Directory can help you find what you need, in an area that is convenient for you, for the best possible price. And the icing on the cake is that using the WebWarehouse Directory to search for storage space is completely free of charge, every time.

The WebWarehouse Directory helps you make the Right Move for your business.

Help! I Need A Warehouse!!

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You’d be surprised how often WebWarehouse hear these words. Unfortunately, finding a commercial property just isn’t as simple as it sounds, as WebWarehouse discovered when they tried to locate a property in Nuneaton two years ago.

They started with a simple Google search for commercial property in Nuneaton, but were disappointed with the results. Their next stop was, where they searched for commercial estate agents In Nuneaton, but this only gave a handful of results, and none of these were able to offer what WebWarehouse were looking for. In the end, they managed to find the property they were after by driving around all of Nuneaton’s industrial estates looking for empty units. But surely it shouldn’t be this difficult?

Instead of being disheartened, WebWarehouse saw a niche in the market, and launched the WebWarehouse Directory.

The WebWarehouse Directory is a crisp, clean and simple to use website, which has been described as the commercial version of, which currently receives 55 million hits per month. The site is easy to use, and enables you to search properties by size and location, which in turn helps you to make the right move for your business.

Help! I Need Warehouse Space!!

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You’d be surprised how often WebWarehouse hear these words. Many people are reluctant to take on new properties due to the current economic climate, or have a business effected by seasonality, meaning their stock levels can vary wildly, and therefore find using a third party commercial storage unit the most cost-effective method for their business.

Unfortunately, finding storage within a shared warehouse for a flexible amount of time, whilst feeling assured that you are paying the most competitive price possible, is not always as straight-forward as it sounds. But this is where WebWarehouse come in.

WebWarehouse have recently launched the WebWarehouse Directory. The easy to use website enables you to search all suitable storage warehouses within your given area, and contact them either independently or through their website. And best of all – this service is absolutely free of charge!

Procuring Your Own Warehouse vs. Third Party Commercial Storage

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In 2008, Simon Varlow of WebWarehouse was approached by the Logistics Director within the Ecommerce division of River Island, the high street clothing retailer. A major increase in their on-line sales meant they were quickly outgrowing their large warehouse in Milton Keynes.

River Island were concerned that they were not going to find a solution to tick all of their boxes – a property on a one to two-year lease, within three miles of their current retail distribution centre, with room for twenty members of warehouse and office staff, and a high level of security – but WebWarehouse pride themselves on their ability to make what may seem impossible possible.

The first idea that WebWarehouse explored was to find warehouse space to rent within a shared warehouse, but they felt that it wouldn’t give the high level of security that River Island needed for their operation. Once WebWarehouse had dismissed that idea, they set about finding a commercial warehouse for River Island, on a short-term lease. With an ease that surprised River Island, WebWarehouse were almost immediately able to find what they were looking for. Within a short space of time, WebWarehouse had everything in place for River Islands on-line distribution team to relocate.

Procuring Your Own Warehouse vs. Third Party Commercial Storage

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Shorty after starting his new business, Paul Britton the Admin of Strictly Tables and Chairs contacted WebWarehouse to discuss his commercial warehousing needs. Paul was unsure whether to rental a storage unit, or rent commercial storage space within a shared warehouse.

As the only company that can offer both services and can therefore give honest and independent advice, Paul could not have chosen a better place to start than with WebWarehouse. Alan from WebWarehouse took the time to explain to Paul the benefits and any potential problems he would have with each of the solutions.

After just a short consultation, both Paul and Alan agreed that a third party commercial storage solution was the best way forward, as Paul was not able to commit to a long term agreement, and unsure how fast his stock levels would grow.

However, perhaps the most important benefit of WebWarehouse’s shared storage warehouse solution was the fulfilment and distribution service that they were able to offer to Strictly Tables and Chairs. WebWarehouse staff are able to pick and pack all incoming orders, check and unload all deliveries, and distribute Paul’s products worldwide, via same day, overnight and specialist carriers. This gives Paul the time to look after new and existing customers, whilst safe in the knowledge that his goods are being stored, handled and distribution with the care and experience that they deserve.

Working with Torex to provide a end to end Warehouse and facilities solution in Milton Keynes

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WebWarehouse first began their working relationship Torex Retail Holdings Limited in 2007, the leading global supplier of point of sale solutions to the retail and hospitality markets. Not only did WebWarehouse rent commercial storage space to them, but were able to manage their fulfilment and distribution needs.

When Torex underwent a period of rapid expansion, WebWarehouse were their first choice of commercial agent. They contacted WebWarehouse’s  Simon Varlow, and provided a very specific list of requirements that their new commercial warehouse had to have. Their wish list included a warehouse with two bay doors, full height racking, and a mezzanine floor, manual handling equipment, and a large office space. Most importantly, Torex required a reliable, high-speed internet connection to enable them to be up and running as soon as they moved in to the premises, and therefore reduce the down-time.

One year on from Torex moving in to the premises, they are so impressed with the service that they’ve received that WebWarehouse are now viewing various locations for them across the country.


Torex required a fully serviced storage and warehousing option in Milton Keynes so came to WebWarehouse to find them a storage solution.

Torex required a fully serviced storage and warehousing option in Milton Keynes so came to WebWarehouse to find them a storage solution.


The Pitfalls of Using a Regular Agent

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People often ask what makes WebWarehouse different from a regular commercial agent. The difference is customer satisfaction.

So many people seem to encounter one problem after another when using a regular commercial agent, but what is it that WebWarehouse do differently? The truth is simple – we give the customer the service that they want, individually tailored to their needs.

The following case study was written by one of WebWarehouse’s many satisfied customers, and really highlights the contrast in the types of service he received.

In late 2008 we were awarded a major contract that we had been tendering for. The contract involved storage, a large pick and pack operation and distribution, and therefore we needed to rent commercial storage space and warehouse space. Surely it couldn’t be that hard for us to find warehouse space for rent?

Unfortunately, it seemed that nothing was straightforward. We made initial web enquiries for storage in Bicester, but two of the three companies we contacted did not answer our request at all. The third company asked our requirements, but took almost 48 hours to come back to us with suitable warehouses to rent. Only one of the storage spaces seemed to meet our requirements, so we made an appointment to view the premises.

The viewing was not what we had hoped it would be. The building seemed to be what we were after, but the agent was not able to help us with any auxiliary requirements we had, and there was no flexibility with the price. We were back to square one.

The second time we went back to Google, we found WebWarehouse. We made a phone call and spoke to Alan about our requirements, and he took the time to listen to what we wanted, and understand our needs. Within fifteen minutes of our call ending, Alan had emailed me with his contact details and information on the different services that WebWarehouse had to offer. In addition, he asked us to provide a “wish list” of any requirements we had, other than simply storage, such as racking.

Within 24 hours, Alan had emailed me details of half a dozen suitable storage units in the area, and had arranged for us to view four of these premises on the same day, two days later. We were given a guided tour of each of the units, and shown the pros and cons of how each building would work with our list of requirements. We shortlisted two warehouses, and the following day Alan provided us with a list of pricing options for each building. The pricing options had easy to understand breakdowns, with an extra price list for each of our “wish list” items. WebWarehouse was even able to provide assistance with our move.

Alan contacted us periodically, both before and after the move. WebWarehouse now provides us with one invoice each month. This invoice covers the rental of the warehouse, plus the maintenance, rates and utility bills.

Procuring Your New Commercial Property – What Do You Need?

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Leasing commercial property can sometimes be a challenge to anyone, from a small business owner who is new to the market, to a procurement director of a major blue-chip company. Anyone who has built a small business to the stage where they have needed to lease their own commercial warehouse knows the excitement and challenges that this can bring. Through this process, WebWarehouse’s assistance in guiding you through will be invaluable.

Location is not only important to companies in the retail industry – they apply to your company, too. Are you close enough to major motorway connections, to keep down the costs of your warehouse distribution? Is there room for a storage container, or is it near to storage buildings, should your stock levels suddenly increase? All of these things can refine your search for the ideal commercial location. Here at WebWarehouse, we take the time to get to know you and your business, and understand your current requirements and plans for future growth. Only when we have a full understanding of your business, are we able to find the right commercial warehouse for you.

Nothing could be more disruptive to your move into your new commercial property than to see it disrupted by a major road renovation or a nearby building project or city improvement. WebWarehouse take the time to research the local area to your search to make sure there are no nasty surprises.

WebWarehouse works with a carefully selected group of maintenance partners to fully inspect the storage warehouses before any agreements are signed, as there is nothing worse than discovering a roof in need of repair or some leaky plumbing which could delay your move. The team are also on hand to make any alterations you require before moving in, or carry out any maintenance you require at a later date.