Procuring Your Own Warehouse vs. Third Party Commercial Storage

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Shorty after starting his new business, Paul Britton the Admin of Strictly Tables and Chairs contacted WebWarehouse to discuss his commercial warehousing needs. Paul was unsure whether to rental a storage unit, or rent commercial storage space within a shared warehouse.

As the only company that can offer both services and can therefore give honest and independent advice, Paul could not have chosen a better place to start than with WebWarehouse. Alan from WebWarehouse took the time to explain to Paul the benefits and any potential problems he would have with each of the solutions.

After just a short consultation, both Paul and Alan agreed that a third party commercial storage solution was the best way forward, as Paul was not able to commit to a long term agreement, and unsure how fast his stock levels would grow.

However, perhaps the most important benefit of WebWarehouse’s shared storage warehouse solution was the fulfilment and distribution service that they were able to offer to Strictly Tables and Chairs. WebWarehouse staff are able to pick and pack all incoming orders, check and unload all deliveries, and distribute Paul’s products worldwide, via same day, overnight and specialist carriers. This gives Paul the time to look after new and existing customers, whilst safe in the knowledge that his goods are being stored, handled and distribution with the care and experience that they deserve.

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