Warehouse Space for a movie in Bicester, Oxfordshire

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WebWarehouse don’t always just find warehouse space for things such as pallets, crates etc. sometimes we receive more outlandish requests, just like when we were contacted by the Dutch production company Dynamic Entertainment DEH and asked to provide them with warehouse space in which to shoot some scenes for their film, The butterfly tattoo.

Dynamic Entertainment needed a large warehouse in or around Bicester, Oxfordshire but due to the nature of the scenes they would be shooting it had to be somewhere away from residential areas so as not to disturb the residents with the noise, they also required the warehouse to be especially clean so as not to ruin any costumes or set pieces. WebWarehouse managed to find them a warehouse in Bicester that met their requirements for size and cleanliness in an area that their noise level wouldn’t disturb any residents.

So if you have a request that you think might be a little out of the ordinary just let us know and we would be happy to accommodate your needs.

TBT required warehouse space for a film shoot.

TBT required warehouse space for a film shoot.



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