Verran Freight are warehouseing and distribution experts founded in 1989 in Oxfordshire join Webwarehouse

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Verran Freight are warehouseing and distribution experts founded in 1989 in Oxfordshire, they have more than 35 commercial vehicles for the distribution of their clients goods and over 175,000 square feet of warehouse storage space, they also offer additional services such as accountancy and banking, customs clearance and international import and export, they are one of the largest logistics companies in the Thames Valley area, but even with their enviable reputation Verran Freight needed a little help in filling their warehouses and adding to their customer base.

This is where WebWarehouse come in, as a member Verran Freight could go back to operating their warehouses and finding the best possible solution to their client’s needs, while WebWarehouse generate the leads to fill their available storage space.

A membership with WebWarehouser is completely hassle free, Verran Freight simply pays a weekly fee and within days of joining we send them leads for their warehouses as we generate them. There are hundreds of searches on Google every day for storage in the Thames Valley area, Verran Freight no longer need to worry about trying to gather these new clients as we do it all for them, they can focus on delivering the highest standard of expertise and customer service to the clients we bring in.

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