Verran Freight join WebWarehouse to increase there lead generation methods.

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Verran Freight are a warehousing and distribution company that have been around for over two decades, so they’ve dealt with their fair share of lead generation companies, but when they contacted WebWarehouse to enquire about a membership they were ‘pleasantly surprised’, they have over 175,000 square feet of warehouse space they wanted us to help fill.

WebWarehouse are a rather unique company in the sense that when you become a member we not only add you to our directory but to ones such as yell, which many people are unaware is actually free. Another unique aspect of our company is that we not only generate your company leads, we help you generate them yourselves, as experts in customer service and advertising we help you improve your current methods of warehouse and storage lead generation.

Verran Freight only joined us at WebWarehouse recently but have already started receiving leads and are on their way to filling their vacant storage space.

Approved Webwarehouse member receiving storage and warehouse leads.

Approved Webwarehouse member receiving storage and warehouse leads.

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