Volkswagen ask WebWarehouse for short term space

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Volkswagen training department in Milton Keynes contacted WebWarehouse recently requesting use of one of their warehouses to hold a training seminar for some of their staff, the warehouse had to be a relatively large open space, clean and they only needed it on a very short term licence. On receiving the request WebWarehouse immediately contacted some of their commercial landlord members to find Volkswagen the space they needed, they soon managed to find them an empty shared user space in which to hold the event that could be paid for on a rolling weekly contract, Volkswagen therefore didn’t have to worry about overspending as they could pay for the space only as they needed it.

With WebWarehouse you specify what type of space you need and exactly how long you need it for, in most cases you can even specify how you wish to pay for your space, whether it be on a weekly, monthly or yearly contract, that way you won’t end up paying for space that your no longer using.

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