WebWarehouse became a victim of their own success!

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WebWarehouse was founded in 2006 when their former courier business had tried to rent storage space for one of their customers, they found a distinct lack of information and sales process within the industry, so decided to fill the need themselves by buying their own warehouses around the country and creating a website that would allow customers to easily find warehouse space in their desired area.

Web Warehouse’s customers were so glad to finally have a company who not only cared about operating their warehouses, but making the time to assess their client’s needs, informing them on the best warehousing available at the best price and answering any queries they have. As WebWarehouse were originally based in a more customer centred profession their key interest is in complete customer satisfaction, not just filling their warehouses as quick as possible without any interest in customer service.

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Unfortunately WebWarehouse became a victim of their own success, due to their ability to generate leads so efficiently they soon filled all of their current warehouse space yet still had customers that needed more, WebWarehouse simply did not have enough space to meet the demands of their clients. WebWarehouse obviously didn’t want to have to send these clients elsewhere, especially after the poor response they received when looking for warehouse space themselves.

WebWarehouse realised that the main issue with other commercial storage companies was not that they didn’t have space; it was that they had no sales teams selling the space; WebWarehouse had plenty of experience in sales and customer service. They decided to offer these companies their services as the sales team they currently lacked, storage companies could become a member of WebWarehouse and would then be able to go back to operating their warehouses whilst WebWarehouse supplied them with the leads to fill them.

This setup has since proved highly successful for all involved, WebWarehouse did not have to turn away clients, warehouse operative could focus on running their warehouses and customers have their warehousing needs met in an easy and efficient manner.

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